Bedminster Down School

Ready to Learn

At BDS we are always trying to improve the quality of teaching and learning.   In our last Ofsted behavior was judged as ‘good’ but we want that to be even better.  We believe that students are capable of the highest standard of behavior so we have introduced a new system to help everyone achieve this.


Ready to Learn has been trialed in several Bristol schools with positive results.  Full details can be found in the document below.


How it works

The model is designed to allow teachers to focus solely on teaching and learning in the classroom.  It works by ensuring that any student who demonstrates behaviour that shows they aren’t ‘Ready to Learn’ will receive a clear warning.  If, even after this warning, they still show they’re not ‘Ready to Learn’, they will be sent to the Isolation Room for six lessons and stay until 3.25pm on that day. These students will still have a break and lunch; however, it will be at a different time to the rest of the school. They will meet with the teacher that referred them during the additional 15 minutes at the end of the day.


Students will also receive warnings for misbehaviour during break and lunchtimes and will face a 20 minute lunch detention. Failure to attend the detention will result in six lessons in the Isolation Room.


From visiting schools that use the system we’ve seen the following benefits:



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