Revision is fundamental to successful exam preparation and achievement. Different people revise in different ways, but everyone needs to find a way of going back over previous learning to ensure it sticks so that it can be reproduced in a test or exam.

The first and most important thing that any student – and their family – can do is ensure that there is a positive habit around study and learning at home. Try to have a dedicated area for revision and learning and get into the habit of organising materials and revision notes as you study topics rather than leaving it all to the last minute. If you regard learning as something that only happens at school then you will not have the success you want – it’s as simple as that.

Year 11 Support

Please click on this link to download the powerpoint from the “Supporting for Success” evening. This has lots of information to support student revision during year 11. 

Revision Guides

Click here to view a list of revision guides.

Revision Strategies

Please view the playlist of videos below on useful revision strategies.